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Matt Wicks

Solution Architect


Bachelor of Multimedia Computing, Certified Scrum Master
I didn't want to pay DynDNS - so I wrote an Azure function to replace them
Matt Wicks

Matt Wicks


DevOps | Scrum | .NET | .NET Core | .NET MVC | .NET Webforms | Azure | jQuery | .NET EF Core | GitHub | Dynamics 365 - CRM | React | Hyper V | Azure Functions | Angular | CSS | Vue | Power BI | Markdown

Certification scrumalliance master
CSM Certified

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Matt is an SSW Solution Architect, Certified ScrumMaster and one of four Microsoft certified DevOps fast track partner consultants in Australia.
He has been developing solutions using the full Microsoft stack since .NET 2 was in beta.

Matt has had experience with companies ranging from small businesses to large ASX listed companies in the finance, engineering and HR sectors, helping them with:

  • Build and Release Pipelines (upgrading from XCopy deploy processes to full CI/CD automation on Azure DevOps)
  • Document automation
  • Process automation
  • Dynamics CRM
  • B2B integrations (integrating with Banks and Multinational Petrol companies)
  • ALM setup and management (using Microsoft and Atlassian stacks)
  • PABX systems

Matt loves DevOps, DevOps and DevOps. These days he prefers Azure DevOps Build Pipelines over Octopus and Bamboo. Matt likes clean architecture, using the right tool for the job, seeing developers push changes to production with confidence, automated tests, building solutions on Azure, and now he never has to reminisce about Webforms.

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