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Chris Clement

Software Architect & Embedded Software Engineer


Master of Engineering Science
Learning is a lifetime lesson - keep yourself open to learn something new!
Chris Clement

Chris Clement


Node.js | Python | Angular | HTML5 | HTML5 | Java | SQL | GitHub | .NET Core | DevOps | Azure Functions | .NET EF Core

Developer angular

Developer node js
node js

Chris is a software architect specialising in web development, specialising in Angular, .NET Core, and NodeJS. He also experienced in many other technologies, such as Google Firebase, HTML & CSS, Java/Kotlin, SQL, Python, and Android.

Additionally, Chris is also experienced in embedded devices - particularly real-time systems and IoT device design and integration. Chris is experienced in interfacing real-world hardware with software, delivering the information gathered to the cloud.

He also follows mobile and web technology news around the world, keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies. Chris is always happy to discuss and share his knowledge.

His hobbies include nature photography and gaming, in addition to participating as a singer in his community choir.

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