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Jernej Kavka (JK)

Senior Software Architect


Once upon a time, you had to be rich and powerful to change the world. Now you just need to be bold and write code.
Jernej Kavka (JK)

Jernej Kavka (JK)


.NET Core | Angular | Universal Windows Platform (UWP built on XAML) | .NET MVC | jQuery | Kendo UI | DevOps | Azure Functions | Azure Bot Services | HTML5 | Vue | Xamarin | React | Ionic | UX | Azure

Business microsoft azure

Developer dotnet core
.NET Core

Developer angular

Developer xamarin

Developer dotnet code

Developer docker

Developer dotnet foundation

Developer dotnet machine learning

Developer cognitive services

With 10 years of Software Engineering experience across multiple industries such as Museums, Government, Banks, Gaming, Entertainment, Jernej has worked on full-stack development of native applications including both mobile and desktop.

JK loves working on Angular, .NET Core, and Cognitive Services. His most recent projects have featured Docker, AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) and Machine Learning development. He loves containers and Kubernetes and enjoys showing others the immense possibilities that Container technology has to offer.

In addition to being an expert in ASP, .NET Core, Angular, and Azure DevOps, Jernej is also proficient on Windows platform development from legacy applications (using C#, WinForms, WPF, …) changing them into modern applications (using Windows Store, Windows Universal applications, and Xamarin). Lately, he's sharpening his skills with Cognitive Services as well as Machine Learning.

JK is a technology thought leader and frequent contributor to technical presentations. He likes to help prepare developers for SSW TV presentations and even gets in front of the camera sometimes. You can see his latest work here: https://tv.ssw.com/tag/jernej-kavka and Personal YouTube or at events like Global Azure Bootcamp, Global AI Bootcamp, DDD (Brisbane , Melbourne , and Sydney ), and NDC. JK is equally likely to attend a conference/user group as he is to present at one. ūüßź

JK also actively supports the .NET Community as a .NET Foundation member (one of the first 200 members!) and is a backer for several Open Source projects on Open Collective.

You can follow him on Twitter,, his personal blog or check out when is his next talk on Sessionize.

Jernej's client projects include:

Allianz Australia
The project focus was building a B2B and B2C web application using micro-services, and service buses, using Angular with ngrx and .NET Core.

Additionally, we were responsible for developing systems for 3rd parties to integrate with, creating a  flexible website that can display dynamic content for Allianz partners.

Related Technologies: Angular with ngrx, .NET Core, EF Core, NService Bus

Banpu engaged SSW to develop a PWA application that can be used online and offline in various situations. We have worked with several different teams from different countries and parts of Australia, and the main focus for SSW was delivering micro-services, offline and syncing capabilities of the PWA application, a desktop administration website, the mobile UX animations, and migrating data from Excel spreadsheets. We delivered all of the features with high code coverage with unit and component tests.

Related Technologies: React, PWA, CosmosDB, NodeJS, .NET Core

Long Service Corporation
Long Service Corporation engaged SSW to redesign and refactor their Worker Portal application, used by workers to download their statements. This application will be extended to include claims for workers. The new software design of the application includes multiple services that can be shared between projects.

Related Technologies: ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, WebAPI, TypeScript, jQuery

The project consisted of upgrading applications to a newer version of the Angular framework which resulted in improving the overall application performance for users.

Related Technologies: Angular, TypeScript

Jernej's internal projects include:

Sophie Bot is an essential part of SSW smart office solution where employees can check who’s in the office, see others' availability, and many more features.See more information at sswsophie.com/sophiebot

Related Technology: React, .NET Core, SignalR, Cognitive Services, Azure Bots, Azure Functions

Sophie Hub is a smart receptionist that recognizes incoming guests and lets them know about their agenda and information relevant to them. In the future, Sophie will be used as a full smart office solution.

Check out sswsophie.com for more information.

Related Technology: Google DialogFlow, Azure Functions, Google Firebase, CRM, Office365

SSW Time Pro - Timesheeting and invoicing application that integrates with CRM and TFS servers.

Related Technology: Angular, TypeScript, MVC, SQL Server 2017, jQuery, WebAPI, Kendo UI

SugarLearning is a simple induction training website used to get new employees up to speed and track their progress.

Related Technology: Angular, TypeScript, MVC, Azure SQL Server, WebAPI, Kendo UI

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