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Do you use AI pair programming?

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Too often, developers are writing a line of code, and they forget that little bit of syntax they need to do what they want. In that case, they usually end up googling it to find the documentation and then copy and paste it into their code. That process is a pain because it wastes valuable dev time.

Not to worry, AI pair programming is here to save the day!

Video: See awesome examples of GitHub Copilot in action with Jesse Skinner

New tools like GitHub Copilot provide devs with potentially complete solutions as they type. It might sound like it's too good to be true, but in reality you can do so much with these tools.

"It’s hard to believe that GitHub Copilot is actually an AI and not a Mechanical Turk. The quality of the code is at the very least comparable to my own (and in fairness that's me bragging), and it's staggering to see how accurate it is in determining your needs, even in the most obscure scenarios."
- Matt Goldman

What can it do?

There is a lot to love with AI pair programming ❤️, here is just a taste of what it can do:

  • Populate a form
  • Do complex maths
  • Create DTOs
  • Hydrate data
  • Query APIs
  • Do unit tests
    and more

Why is it awesome?

AI pair programming has so much to offer, here are the 3 key benefits:

  1. Accessibility - Quick suggestions in heaps of languages
  2. C#
  3. JavaScript
  4. SQL
    and many more
  5. Efficiency - Less time doing gruntwork like repetitive tasks and making boilerplate
  6. Confidence - Higher confidence and less wasted time when working in unfamiliar languages or areas

Figure: Good example - GitHub Copilot saves you oodles of time!

Piers Sinclair
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