Are you persistent when you think something should be done?

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You need to be persistent. You should make sure that you don't let good ideas go because you get *one* 'No'. Instead put it on a 'My Good Ideas for the Boss' list and bring it up with your boss a few times.

This is a very important concept, just because you get answered 'No', it does not mean that it is a bad idea, or that it will not benefit the company. You may get the answer 'No' for reasons that you do not know about, such as financial difficulties, or it is too busy at the moment to worry about. So put these ideas onto a list, and remember to bring them up with the boss at a more appropriate time, say a couple of weeks later. If you are not satisfied with the result after a few times, consider going a level higher and talking to your boss about your idea, so you understand why they made the decision they did. It is important however to realize that not all your ideas are going to be good ideas, so accept that after you get a few 'No's. MyGoodIdeasExample Figure: Write down your ideas so they don't get lost Print "My Good Ideas for the Boss" sheet and have it ready for your bright moments. In case you don't have one in hand, draft an email or a note, but don't let good ideas go.

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