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Do you avoid clear text email addresses in web pages?

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Clear text email addresses in web pages are very dangerous because it gives spam sender a chance to pick up your email address, which produces a lot of spam/traffic to your mail server, this will cost you money and time to fix.

Never put clear text email addresses on web pages.

<!--SSW Code Auditor - Ignore next line(HTML)--> 
<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Contact Us</a>

Bad - Using a plain email address that it will be crawled and made use of easily

<a href="javascript:sendEmail('74657374407373772e636f6d2e6175')" onmouseover="javascript:displayStatus('74657374407373772e636f6d2e6175');return true;" onmouseout="javascript:clearStatus(); return true;">Contact Us</a>

Good - Using an encoded email address

Tip: To decode and encode a string you can use this page. If you use Wordpress, use the Email Encoder Bundle plugin to help you encode email addresses easily.

We have a program called SSW CodeAuditor to check for this rule. We have a program called SSW LinkAuditor to check for this rule.

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