Do you bid on your own Brand keyword?

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You might ask yourself – Why should I bid on my own brand name when I am already ranking number 1 organically for my brand? It might make sense to say "no" naturally (because you’re already ranking on the first page!) but the real answer might surprise you....

Here are 7 tips why you should Bid on your own Brand Name:

  1. Change your message whenever needed (SEO takes a while to implement)
  2. Provide users with more info (e.g.: Ad extensions with more info)
  3. Dominate your brand Search Result Page (e.g.: Stop close competitors from Brand Jacking you)
  4. Makes it hard for your competitors to Brand-Jack you
  5. Increase Your Google Overall Quality Score
  6. Cost-effectiveness (bidding on your own brand is cheap!)
  7. Send Users to a different landing page
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