Do you put borders around white images?

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Imagine you're browsing a website. You come across an area on the page that seems oddly blank, only to realize it's a white image blending seamlessly into the white background. This disrupts the browsing experience. So how do you prevent that?

The Importance of Image Borders

Making your images distinct is a key part of creating a user-friendly website. You should add borders to images, especially those with a white or light-colored background.

  • Visibility: A border makes the image stand out, even if the website's background color matches the image's color.
  • Professionalism: Borders can add a sense of completeness to your site's design.

white no border
Figure: Bad Example - Can't tell where the image begins and ends!

white border
Figure: Good Example - This looks much better

Note: You should also add a useful caption to every image.

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