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Do you use the best bot framework?

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When users jump onto a website, they may want to find out the answer to some questions but aren't sure where to look. Bots are an awesome way to give users quick answers to simple or repetitive questions. There are many different frameworks out there that you can use to build your bots such as Microsoft Bot Framework and Google Dialogflow, but which is the best one...

All of the bot frameworks have advantages but generally the main point of differentiation is the integration with different suites of products. For example, Microsoft Bot Framework has smooth integration with Microsoft Teams and Skype. On the other hand, Google Dialog Flow works great with Google Assistant and Slack.

If you are focused mostly on Microsoft products then it is a safe bet that Microsoft Bot Framework is a good choice for your organisation.

Microsoft Bot Framework also integrates with LUIS and provides access to the Adaptive Cards Designer so there are a lot of great reasons to use it for your next implementation.

SSW SophieBot is a product currently using Microsoft Bot Framework to make searching for employee skills and availability super easy!

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