Do you brand your assets?

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You should take every chance you get to put your logo on things. Branding your assets is one more thing that you can do to spread your brand to the world.

For example, if you provide your team with laptops, those laptops should be branded with your logo, so they can be seen when they visit a client. This is especially important when assets already have another brand on them - we don't want to be promoting someone else when we could be promoting ourselves.

You should enforce this for any asset that is owned by your business, like when it was purchased via salary sacrifice.

  1. Brand important items, like laptops, with a custom skin
  2. If you can't have a custom skin, use a sticker

ssw skin 1710232021931
Figure: Custom laptop skin - take every chance to show off your brand

ssw monitors
Figure: We don't need to be promoting Dell - use a branded sticker to cover it up!

Tip: For items like laptops, it's also a good idea to tape your business card underneath so it can be returned to you if you lose it.

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