Backlog - Does your Product Owner know how to maintain the backlog?

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All good Scrum teams have a backlog. The backlog is built by taking a conversation and recording it as one or more Product Backlog Items (PBIs) (e.g. Azure DevOps) or Issues (e.g. GitHub, JIRA).

You should create PBIs during or straight after the conversation, rather than using emails that may never be entered into the backlog.

Figure: Get typing during a conversation to make the meeting tangible

The Product Owner is responsible for owning the Product Backlog. See the video on "Do you know how to be a good Product Owner?"

Although these requirements come from the Product Owner, it is often the developers who will record these PBIs.

1. Emails

Figure: Bad example - This is a poor way to add a PBI/Issue as you can’t order emails by the business priority

Figure: Good example - Github Issues

3. Azure DevOps - E.g.

AzureDevOpsBacklog 1710232021931
Figure: Good example - Azure DevOps allows you to enter an item into the backlog, in any priority order

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