Do you bundle all your customizations in a Solution (Model Driven)?

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When customizing a Model-Driven App all changes should be in a solution. A solution holds all customization being carried out by the maker, whether it be any custom entities, processes, business rules, or modifications to existing OOTB entities.

Solutions can be used to move these customizations between environments, eg. from development à testing à production.

Solutions can also be used to deploy changes in a managed (testing, production) and unmanaged (development) environment. Managed solutions can be thought of in simple terms and an installer can be installed and uninstalled.

Differences between Managed and Unmanaged solutions:

  • When a Managed solution is uninstalled, all artifacts including data are removed
  • Unmanaged solutions will install the changes but deleting the solution will leave the changes intact, so think of it as an additive change
  • To completely remove all customizations in an Unmanaged solution every customized item needs to be manually deleted

solutions custom
Figure: Solution show all customizations, make it very easy to move changes between environments

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