Calendar - Do you know the ways to see others' calendars?

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While working in a team, there are three ways of seeing others' or team calendars.

You can share your Outlook calendar with another person or a group in Outlook. This option is useful when you want to share your personal calendar with others.

See Calendar Permissions - Do you share your calendars? for step-by-step instructions on how to share your calendar or see another person's shared calendar.

outlook calendar example
Figure: The Outlook calendar

Option 2: Using Dynamics 365 CRM Appointments - See everyone's tracked appointments

If you do not have access to someone’s calendar, you can see their tracked appointments in Dynamics 365 | Appointments.

This can keep track of important things like client work and leave. See Scheduling - Do you know how to book developers for a project? on how to add a booking to CRM Service Calendar.

dynamics appointments
Figure: Appointments in Dynamics 365

Note: This will only show appointments that have been tracked in CRM.

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