Do you send some "Client Love" a few days after the Initial Meeting?

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You've recently had an engaging initial meeting with a prospective client. While you have plans to follow up for a potential sale, you recognize the importance of keeping the relationship warm and showing genuine interest in their project in the interim.

Why is this important?

  • Builds Relationship - Sending something educational and relevant to the client's project shows that you're invested in their success
  • Stands Out - It differentiates you from competitors who may not take this extra step
  • Encourages Engagement - It keeps the conversation going and makes it more likely for the client to think of you when they're ready to proceed

How to implement

  1. Set a reminder

    Right after the initial meeting, set a reminder for yourself to send a follow-up email in 3 days. You can use various tools for this, but one effective method is to email [email protected].

    ::: greybox Forward the “post initial meeting” email to [email protected]

    To Myself,

    1. Send this: {{ RELEVANT LINK }} :::

    Figure: Good example - Setting a reminder ensures you won't forget this crucial step.

  2. Find relevant material

    Look for rules, articles, whitepapers, or videos that are directly related to what the client is working on or interested in. Make sure the material is educational and offers value.

  3. Send the email

    Compose an email that includes the educational material you've found. Make it personal and relevant to the discussion you had during the initial meeting.

    Hi {{ CLIENT'S NAME }},

    Our recent conversation about {{ TOPIC }} got me thinking. I found this {{ ARTICLE/VIDEO/WHITEPAPER/RULE }} that you might find useful.

    Speak soon.

    Figure: Good example - Sending a personalized email with valuable content shows you're proactive and invested in the client's success.

Sending some "client love" a few days after the initial meeting is a small but impactful way to build a strong relationship with potential clients. It shows you care, keeps you top-of-mind, and most importantly, adds value to the client's project.

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