Do you use a consistent phone message?

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You should remember that any point of contact leaves an impression on clients or customers so, as a consultant, even the answering service on your phone should be taken into consideration.

Your personal mobile phone should have a standard answering message for any missed calls.

While many people don't use voice mail now, it's still nice to include subtle SSW branding in your message (noting that choosing to do so is entirely your choice).

✅ Reinforces a professional image when clients call you
✅ A quick, subtle and easy way to promote the SSW brand
✅ Free!
❌ May not be appropriate for some employees (e.g. part-timers and/or those with other business interests)
❌ Voice mail is often just a black hole that's rarely checked

"Hi, you've reached Cameron Shaw from SSW. If you could leave your name, number and a short message I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!"

Bad example (and how it sounds)

"Hi, you've reached Adam Cogan from SSW. I don't use voice mail, so please send an SMS. Thanks!"

Good example (and how it sounds)

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