Do you create Microsoft Forms via Microsoft Teams so others can see the results?

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Microsoft Forms is a great way to send out a quick survey to a group of people to get feedback, come to a consensus, or organize team events.

It’s very easy to log in and send one out from your own Office 365 account, but then only you can see the results. A better way is instead to create it from a Group (note every Microsoft Team has a Group).

  1. To do this, follow these steps:
  2. Go to Microsoft Teams
  3. Navigate to the team you’d like to be able to see the results of the form

forms teams 1
Figure: Click “+” to make a new tab

forms teams 2
Figure: Select “Forms”

forms teams 3
Figure: Name your form, and then continue as usual to create and share it

If you do accidentally create a personal form instead of a group form, you can move it to a group in by clicking “All my forms” | … | “Move”

forms teams 4
Figure: How to move a Personal form to a Group

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