Office environment - Do you avoid listening to music while at work?

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Should we be listening to music at work? I've had the debate with numerous people and decided that, generally, you should avoid it.

Regardless of whether it is AC/DC or DotNetRocks, music/podcasts should not be used in the workplace, especially using headphones, because:

  • We want the team to work with each other, and we don't mind that they hear other conversations going on. Hopefully, if they hear about a problem they can fix quickly, they'll help each other out.
  • It's been suggested that multitasking lowers your ability to efficiently carry out a task by as much as 20%! (e.g. doing your task at hand along with listening to tunes)
  • It can be anti-social - some people can shelter themselves
  • It regularly leads to "oh, I love this song, you should hear it" which subsequently turns into a bigger distraction from work for multiple people

Others have said we are wrong with reasons like:

  • "It helps me give you 100% - since the office is noisy I can concentrate and I need to block out a noisy environment"
    Isn't the music just creating an additional noise source?
  • "It helps me relax"
    Yes, we love hearing a good song, for example, when Adam hears Robbie Williams' "Better man" it gets him pumped a bit and it has a positive effect on his state of mind. We are unconvinced it helps us program better.
  • "In an open office, headphones are not merely transmitters of sound, they are like ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs on a hotel room door." In several open offices using a headphone seems to be encouraged as the most effective for productivity.

There is, however, a use for it being "background" music in some scenarios; like when you are doing time-consuming mindless stuff like fixing data, building VPCs/VMWare or waiting for long builds.

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