Communication - Do you CC your Account Manager on emails relating to new work?

Last updated by Brady Stroud [SSW] 16 days ago.See history

Once a project gets underway, it is not uncommon for the development team to take over a lot of the project management workload. Since they are the people most in contact with the client, sometimes new work will be organized through them instead of the Account Manager.

When this is the case, the "As per our conversation" email should CC the Account Manager so he is always aware of all work being done, and can create a new CRM opportunity if required.

If an initial meeting is required for the new work, the Account Manager should be in attendance where possible to help continue the relationship.

Hi Bill, As per our conversation, you want to book me for another 2 weeks on this additional work. Figure: Good Example - the account manager should be CC'd on an email like this.

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