Do you clearly highlight video content?

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We all know the feeling after a long day... Exhausted, we wander the internet, lazily looking for content to consume easily. For many, this normally takes the form of watching videos after trailing through their Reddit, Twitter, & other social media platforms. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your blog post title and content stand out to this demographic.

One simple way to do this is to prefix your blog post title with "VIDEO – ".

Also, make sure your embedded video is at the top of the post, so users will see right away that there is a video on the post to be watched.

Note: Do not make posts with an embedded video only. It’s important to add text to give readers context. Include in writing what is your video about in at least a few sentences. 

Stevo Bad blog
Bad example: From the title, you would be unable to tell that this has a video

Chris Good blog
Good example: From the title, it is easy to see that this includes a video

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