Do you Create a “.Deployment” Project alongside your Web Application for any additional deployment steps?

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Your source control repository should be the source of all truth. Everything, always, no-matter what should go into source control.

This includes any deployment scripts and Web Deploy parameter files if you need them.

This includes your deployment scripts and Web Deploy parameter files.

deployment project
Figure: Good Example - Create a Deployment project alongside your web project.

In the image aboce, Vm-SynWeb.Deploy.Bat is a batch file that will deploy your website to Vm-SynWeb Vm-SynWeb.SetParameters.xml is a Web Deploy SetParameters file that specifies environment specific settings. _Deploy.Bat is the base batch file that your environment specific deployment batch files will call.

deployment project copy
Figure: It is important that each of the batch and parameters files has it ‘Copy to Output Directory’ setting set to ‘Copy Always’

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