Do you do daily check-ins?

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Do you check-in with your boss to make sure you are both on the same page?

Even if your boss is not at the office, you should be in contact with them at least twice a day – first thing in the morning and at about 5pm in the afternoon.

If your boss is away, you can still check-in via phone or on Microsoft Teams. Try sending them an instant message via Teams first and let them know that you are trying to get hold of them.

Tip: Say "I'm calling you in 10 minutes if you don't answer!"

During the morning check-in:

  • Make sure your boss is aware of his appointments for day

    • Rather than telling them what they have on, ask them what their appointments are for the day. This should help them remember what they have on throughout the day and with whom they are meeting.
  • Ask if there are any urgent tasks that they need you to complete that day
  • Do a Daily Scrum to let your boss know what other tasks you’re working on that day

During the afternoon check-in:

  • Enter your boss’s timesheets

    • Every night at about 5 you should call your boss and say "I am doing your timesheets. Tell me what you did today."
    • You should follow Rules to Better Timesheets when drawing up the times
  • Ask if your boss is aware of their appointments for the following day
  • The afternoon check in is also a good time to chase up any emails or tasks for which you need your boss’s assistance
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