Do you do exploratory testing?

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Use Microsoft's Test & Feedback extension to perform exploratory tests on web apps directly from the browser.

Capture screenshots (and even videos), annotate them and submit bugs into Azure DevOps as you explore your web app - all directly from the Chrome browser (Edge and Firefox are also supported).

Test on any platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) on different devices - without the need for pre-defined test cases or test steps.

Video: Ravi walks Adam through the exploratory testing extension - You can also watch on SSW TV

Video: Ravi Shanker and Adam Cogan talk about the test improvements in Azure DevOps and the Chrome Test & Feedback extension - You can also watch on SSW TV

  1. Go to Visual Studio Marketplace and install "Test & Feedback":

    test feedback extension install
    Figure: Microsoft Test & Feedback (was Exploratory Testing) extension

  2. Click "Add to Chrome" to add the extension to the browser on your computer:

    test feedback extension add
    Figure: Chrome Web Store page for Test & Feedback extension

  3. Go to Chrome.
  4. Start a session by clicking on the Chrome extension and then click start a session:
    exploratory test extension icon
    Figure: Chrome extension icon
    exploratory test extension start
    Figure: Test & Feedback "Start session" button

Note: See Azure DevOps - Explore work items with the Test & Feedback extension for detailed information about the use of this extension alongside Azure DevOps.

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