Do you keep the standard .NET DataGrid?

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In Visual Studio 2003 the standard DataGrid has some limitations. It was ugly compared to a ListView and did not support combo box or button columns, making it useless for many applications.

In Visual Studio 2005 we have this great new DataGridView control which solves these problems.

If you still want more then you need a 3rd party control. We recommend these (in this order):

  1. Janus GridEx
  2. Developer Express XtraGrid
  3. Infragistics Wingrid
  4. ComponentOne TrueDBGrid

For more Details have a look at our Best 3rd Party Controls for Windows Forms

Figure: Bad example - The standard .NET DataGrid in 2003 was ugly and missing combos

Figure: Better example - Infragistics UltraGrid is better as you get combos

Figure: Good example - Janus Grid is even better. A great datagrid has easy grouping, just like Outlook

Figure: The great new Visual Studio 2005 much improved DataGridView

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