Do you know how to include or exclude files when syncing a folder in Advanced Installer?

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If you are syncing your Application Folder (or any other) with a local folder on a disk, you can specify which file or folders you want to sync. This is a very convenient way to keep your package smaller and clean.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Right click the Application Folder and choose Properties
  2. Click on Filters button to open the Edit Filters dialog
  3. Click on New button to create Include pattern. Alternatively you can switch to Exclude Filters tab
  4. Enter the Pattern and press OK on each screen

installers include exclude 1
Figure: Edit Filters dialog

installers include exclude 2
Figure: Bad Example - Synced folder contains files that are not supposed to be deployed

installers include exclude 3
Figure: Good Example - Synced folder is filtered so that it includes only files we want to deploy

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