SEM - Do you know the components of a Google Ads campaign?

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Google Ads are one of the leading online Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms, with Google searches in the billions daily, allowing for a wide potential reach and results.

However with this potential reach, it’s important to ensure that your campaigns are set up correctly to allow you to reach your ideal audience, and you’re not wasting money.

There are 3 main components of every Google Ad Campaign, they are:

  • Campaign – At this stage you can select targeting demographics, including geographic location, time of day shown, and budget.
  • Ad Set - During this stage is when you select your keywords, these can be optimised later and should be monitored regularly for negative keywords, check the rule on Google Ads optimisation at “Do you know how to optimise Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Ads – Ads are created at this stage and can be A/B tested, determining the most effective ad is shown the most frequently.
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