Do you know the difference between MDM (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing) User Types?

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has four different user types. You can see a breakdown of the difference below:

User Type Added to O365? License Required? Administrator capability? Description
Regular User Yes Yes Yes Most commonly used type. Possible to grant all active role types, excluding media buying.
Media Buyer Yes Yes Yes All active roles a regular user has plus expanded media buying and planning roles.
Web Portal Yes No No

| Restricted access. Intended largely to provide “View” access to specific functionalities contractors, vendors, and clients. Some edit capabilities. | | Public | No | No | No | Selected functions globally available publicly, such as Public Libraries and Landing Pages. |

Note: Since there is a Web Portal type, allowing viewing of the majority of the app, only 1 or 2 Regular or Media Buyer licences need to be bought for any small to medium business, as only kep people will actually be using the majority of the functionality.

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