Do you know the difference between Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM)?

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CRM is primarily a sales tool and customer database, but also has a simple marketing section with the ability to run campaigns and quick campaigns. However the team has no plans to expand upon this in the future. MDM perfectly fills this gap.

MDM replaces the Marketing part of CRM, or it can be used as a standalone system instead. As well as simple campaign tracking, MDM also provides marketing planning, budgeting, management, execution, automation, tracking (for ROI), and BI.

MDM is also set up to work well if you are a Marketing Services Provider, and need to track different campaigns for different clients.

While CRM is good for managing a sales process once you have leads, MDM is the perfect tool to create and score those leads in the 1st place, providing fuel for the sales engine to work on.

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