Do you know the one case where you use a CRM lead?

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It can sometimes be hard to work out when to use a lead vs a contact and company, or even an opportunity.

| Type | Type and Category | | --- | --- | | Called up about a service needed urgently | Contact + Opportunity (hot) | | Called up about a service | Contact + Opportunity | | Qualified Contact (prospect down the line) | Contact | | Someone goes to the website and joins the mailing list | Contact | | Random business cards from TechEd 2013 | Contact + Tag "Tech Ed 2013" | | Uninterested contact | Contact | | Purchased mailing list | Lead |

Figure: There is only one scenario where you would use a lead

It is better to have all your contacts in one place rather than split over 2 separate tables. Leads are not needed except as a data entry tool to help you link new contacts, companies, and opportunities. See Quick Way to create an opportunity, contact and account in one step.

The only legitimate use of leads is for completely unqualified data, e.g.

  • You buy a contact database (too large to be able to contact each one of them to qualify)
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