Do you know the tools you need before a "Test Please"?

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Don't let your client find bugs in production that they would have found if you had asked them to do a 'Test Please' 1st Better still... Don't let your client find bugs that your internal tester would have found. Better still... Don't let your tester find bugs that a tool could have found?

So, prior to a version being submitted to the client, these are the 4 steps you should follow:

  1. Perform automated testing with tools:

    • SSW Link Auditor (for Web Apps)
    • SSW Code Auditor (for all Apps)
    • SSW SQL Auditor (for all Apps with databases)
    • SSW SQL Deploy's Reconcile (for all Apps with databases)
    • Visual Studio Team System Code Analysis (optional)
  2. Perform automated testing via Unit Tests

    • xUnit, or
    • nUnit
  3. Perform an internal "Test Please" (aka "Alpha Testing" e.g. only testing that pages or forms load, not checking the business rules)
  4. Then send a "Test Please" to the client (aka "Acceptance Testing" to check the business rules)
Adam Cogan
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