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Do you know why SSW is using Jira?

Last updated by Brook Jeynes [SSW] 9 months ago.See history

To help track and prioritise Sys Admin tasks - It has the following key features that help us to work efficiently on the right things in a visible way:

  1. User definable workflow
  2. User definable dashboards that can show all a user's tasks etc. or all tasks related to a particular project
  3. User definable links between issues
  4. User definable fields, screens, notifications (emails), statusus, resolutions, priorities, issue types, permissions, security, filters, displays and reports
  5. Versions whereby tasks can be assigned to versions which then form an SSW release plan
  6. Full visibility of everyone's work to everyone else

Of all the features above the Dashboard is the one with greatest value.  We are able to configure dashbaords for individuals to know exactly what work they should be doing by when.  We can configure dashboards to summarise a projects status.  Consequently, non-power users of Jira can quicklty see what is going providing the visibility that we all need.

Clearly other products (like TFS) have similar features and we will be using TFS for other projects

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