Do you manage your papers?

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It is common during the course of a project to assemble a pile of papers of notes and other information related to the client you are working with. Some of these will be tasks that relate to the project, some will be general information that does not require any action, and some will have no use. In any case, it's important that you don't lose anything that may be needed later. At SSW we use the following system for managing papers around the office:

All SSW staff are allocated a physical inbox. You must check it daily to ensure that it is kept empty - this is where papers relating to your projects will end up.

  1. Paper is related to a task:

    • Send an email to yourself with 'Note to self' in the subject line, and the task in the body.
    • Throw the paper away.
  2. Paper has no use:

    • Throw the paper away! Examples of this would include your own notes that are no longer relevant.
  3. Paper is not a task but needs to be kept anyway:

    • The SSW filing system is split into 3 categories: current clients, past clients and SSW internal. It is your responsibility to make a new folder if one doesn't exist for your client (filing supplies and the label maker are in the machine room). Write the ClientID and your initials and date in the top right hand corner of the paper. e.g. HOED - CA - 11/11/2000.
    • Hopefully any papers you may have will be related to current clients. Paper in this category include Non Disclosure Agreements, and Terms and Conditions. File the paper in the clients folder.
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