Do you put the VHD image in a standard folder name with instructions?

Last updated by Brady Stroud [SSW] 9 days ago.See history

When you do a lot of presenting on your laptop it is good to have a standard location to keep your VHD and instructions.

  • Give the VHD the name of what the demo is for and a version number for the image. **Example: ** SharePoint2010_v2.vhd
  • Use “RC” or “Beta” on the filename if your software is an RC or Beta Version Example: SharePoint2010RC_v1.vhd
  • Store the VHD Image in a folder called DataVMs\VHDName\VHDName.vhd Example: D:\DataVMs\SharePoint2010v2 \SharePoint2010v2.vhd
  • Keep an instructions.txt in the same folder as the VHD with any instructions for the VHD and the username and password to log into the VHD. Example: D:\DataVMs\SharePoint2010_v2 \instructions.txt
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