Do you use an image button for opening a web page taking action?

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Opening a specific web page (that the user is aware of) from a windows application should always be in the form of a hyperlink. Below is a simple example of a hyperlink simply opening a web page containing just more information or help.

Figure: Simple hyperlink not taking action

However if you are taking action then opening the page (e.g concatenating the URL, etc) then you must have an image button to illustrate the action which will be taken.

Here is a compilation of a few bad examples for this:

Figure: Bad example - Hyperlink

Figure: Bad example - Hyperlink on a button

Figure: Bad example - Normal button

But when it requires some form of action (e.g. generating reports, passing and processing values), use a button with an image.

Figure: Good example - XP button with image

Note: Screenshot contains XP button because the .Net 1.1 button does not support images, however the default button in .NET 2.0 supports images. E.g. EdwardForgacs.Components.WindowsUI.dll

Adam Cogan
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