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Do you use Jira to keep others informed and not hold them up?

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Summary: Login to Jira and clear the issues from the top left of your dashboard usually by answering a question or closing.

Jira issues can enter states where it is important that action is taken immediately by either the Reporter or the Assignee. These actions are always quick to do but keep others informed and keep the workflow going.

Any issues that require your immediate attention appear at the top of the left-hand column (see screenshot later) of your dashboard. Following this rule will ensure that the Reporter always knows the status, priority and plan for the issue resolution and the Assignee is never help up by the Reporter; this empowers you to "work efficiently on the right things in a visible way".

In the SSW Jira implementation, there are six situations where action is required by you swiftly and these appear on your dashboard in one or more of six filters:

Dashboard Filter: Status Now You need to: (As you are Performing the Role of:) Which will change the Status to:
My Issues to Approve Awaiting Approval Approve or Reject Adam New
My Reported Issues to Answer Questioned Answer or Close Reporter New
My Assigned Unprioritised Issues --various-- Set priority with Update, Acknowledge, Progress Assigneee --various--
My Assigned New Prioritised Issues New Acknowledge, Progress, Done, Not Done, Block Assignee --various--
My Assigned Overdue Issues --various-- Update (with new due date), Done, Not Done Assignee --various--
My Reported Issues to Close Resolved Close or Re-open Reporter Closed or New

NOTE: Most people will only have Reporter actions to perform. Understand more about Reporters and Assignees

Figure: Your dashboard is your Home Page when you [login like this](/do-you-know-how-to-login-to-jira) and clearly shows the issues that need your immediate attention

For guidance on dealing with issues check out our other rules:


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