Do you use the designer for all visual elements?

Last updated by Brady Stroud [SSW] about 1 month ago.See history

The designer should be used for all GUI design. Controls will be dragged and dropped onto the form and all properties should be set in the designer, e.g.

  • Labels, TextBoxes and other visual elements
  • ErrorProviders
  • DataSets (to allow data binding in the designer)

Things that do not belong in the designer:

  • Connections
  • Commands
  • DataAdapters

However, and DataAdapter objects should not be dragged onto forms, as they belong in the business tier. Strongly typed DataSet objects should be in the designer as they are simply passed to the business layer. Avoid writing code for properties that can be set in the designer.

Figure: Bad example - Connection and Command objects in the Designer

Good example - Only visual elements in the designer

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