Do you brand your events?

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Think of a sporting event and it's likely that you can think of a sponsor for the event. For example:

  • Australian Iron Man Series - Uncle Toby's
  • Formula 1 - Valvoline, Ferrari
  • Wimbledon - Rolex

The list goes on...

What this highlights is a company's ability to successfully partner their brand with events that their target market either attend or watch. Though on a much smaller scale, every business should apply this same principle. So we say if you're going to hold any events that are geared towards your target market - like a user group, make sure there's some branding at the event. Here are some examples of how we brand our user group:

  • You should have a promotional sign
  • Any presentations should use a standard template
  • You should use branded plastic bags
  • Evaluation forms should have clear branding

When it comes to branding events, you need to remember that it's often the little things that make the biggest difference. That evaluation form or gift bag that you gave out to someone at one of your events could land in the hands of one of your biggest clients in the future, so be diligent and consistent.

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