Appointments - Do you explain why you've deleted or updated an appointment?

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Every change to an appointment is a hassle, and it's good to be explicit as to why the appointment had to change, so always give a reason.

Unlike an email, changing an appointment will not have the original content recorded, it is a good idea to make it visible by adding the version number to the history. This shows the timeline of the changes and how many changes they've asked for! When we have v7, people will start questioning how this has happened.

Whenever you have to modify the time, attendees, or subject of an appointment, always send the updated appointment with comments at the top to explain why you want to make these changes.

You should add to altered appointments to track this:

  1. Version number - Adding the v# to the notes can help people to track of all of the changes.

    E.g. "(V2 - Changed time because Bob cannot make it)"

Figure: Good example - Explaining the change that has been made using the version number

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