Do you get the work items into Azure DevOps via Excel?

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Initializing the Project - See how to get the work items into Azure DevOps via Excel:

  • Open SSW Priorities Estimate Template in Excel
    Figure: Find SSW Template - 'New | My templates... | SSW_Proposal-Project | SSWPrioritiesEstimateTemplate.xltx''
  • Add the tasks and additional tasks into ReleaseXX sheet ![Figure: Copy work items to ReleaseXX sheet](ExcelReleaseSheet.jpeg)

Note: The Project Management tasks will be calculated based on your tasks

  • Create a new sheet and go to Team tab
  • Click "New List" and choose your project

    Figure: Find your project in the list

    Figure: Choose 'Input list' to download the empty template

  • Add the other useful columns e.g. Baseline Work, Remaining Work, Completed Work into Excel

    Figure: Click 'Choose columns'

    Figure: Select columns in the left list

  • Copy work items (including the Project Management tasks) from ReleaseXX to the new sheet ![Figure: Copy work items from ReleaseXX](ExcelWorkItems.jpeg)
  • Click "Publish" button to upload the work items to TFS
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