Do you give clients a warm welcome?

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When a client arrives, your job is to make them feel comfortable and impress them with your professionalism. It is important that clients have a consistent experience in their contact with your company.

  • Leaving the client standing at the reception while finishing what you were doing
  • Offering them tea, coffee or biscuits (not everyone likes tea/coffee)

Figure: Bad example - This could start the meeting poorly

  • Be dressed appropriately
  • Greet them warmly
  • Have a firm handshake
  • Make eye contact and smile
  • Direct them to wait in the waiting area (so they can learn about the company through our tv screens)
  • Notify the project manager/developers who are included in the meeting
  • Ask someone to bring a couple of glasses of water into the meeting (as everyone drinks water)
  • Join the meeting in the boardroom:

    • Show some enthusiasm when meeting with the client
    • Hand over, and collect, business cards - (organize in front of you, to help you remember their names)
    • Use their names a few times early on to help you remember their name

Figure: Good example - You are starting off the meeting well

Tip: You should do a role-play with your manager being the client. Then get feedback on how he/she found the experience.

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