Do you hand over your responsibilities?

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There's nothing more exciting than having a holiday planned, but while you are away, the show must go on.
It's essential your responsibilities are handed over for a few reasons so your absence doesn't cause issues and your leave is undisturbed.

Tip: If someone is calling when you are on leave, it's probably because you haven't handed over your responsibilities properly.

angry dev beach
Figure: This is what happens if you don't hand over correctly

There are a number of things to remember to handover

  1. Scrum Master/Product Owner roles - these roles are required in some meetings, so ensure they are covered or the meetings are rescheduled
  2. GitHub CODEOWNERS - check you are never the only code owner on a area of the codebase
  3. Induction approvals - ensure someone else is able to approve new staff inductions
  4. Other employee responsibilities e.g. Organizing events, managing the office, etc.

All these handovers should be documented in an email, checked by the person taking over.

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