Do you have a great company logo?

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Think about McDonalds and you will see the yellow arches, in the shape of an "M". Think of Nike and the swoosh is the first image in your mind.

It doesn't have to take millions of dollars and 15 marketing consultancies to come up with a great logo, but make sure you get a professional designer to make it.

The characteristics you should be after:

  • Simple - Follow solid basic design principles, such as proportion and symmetry, coherent fonts and matching colors
  • Versatile - Your logo will eventually end up on different mediums, and it must work well in all kinds of situations
  • Relevant - Represent the company
  • Memorable - Be unique

If you follow these principles, people should be able to look at your logo from a distance and know which company it's from. The best trademarks end up cemented into the minds of individuals worldwide.

Some examples of great logos:

  • Twitter - the small flying blue bird makes an instinctive correlation to tweeting twitterlogo
  • Mini - the mini "wings" logo is simple and easily recognizable mini logo
  • Canon - the font of the logo simple and is tweaked with only a slight tilt canon logo

It is very important to remember that your logo should be consistently displayed wherever your company promotes itself.

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