Do you have a ResetDefault() function to handle messed up user settings?

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In development life cycle, developers always have different settings to the user's settings. Because of this, debug settings won't always work on the remote machine.

In order to have settings.config, we also have a defaults.config. This is good because this gives a chance for the user to roll back bad settings without reinstalling the application. The application can also roll back the settings it automatically. Below is the code that what we do.


Public Sub RuneXtremeEmail(ByVal state As Object)

    If Environment.MachineName <> Configuration.MachineName Then



We have a program called SSW Code Auditor to check for this rule.

We have a program called SSW .NET Toolkit that implements this rule.

Note: in Access we do like this

Private Sub Form_Load()

    If Nz(DLookup("CurrentComputerName", "ControlLocal", "ID=1"), "") <> CurrentComputerName
        Me.ctlCurrentComputerName.Value = CurrentComputerName
    Else ...
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