Do you have an induction program?

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Companies have a lot of information and standards – some of it is public (company blog), some of it is private (company intranet). When there are thousands of documents, new employees should be given a guided process so they know what is important.

When someone joins a company, it is a stressful event... they have to remember people's names, references to where things are... there is a lot of assumed knowledge and explanations of "this is how we do things".

New employees often get inconsistently onboarded depending on who they got their initial information from.

An induction system is a way to solve these problems.


SSW uses and recommends

SugarLearning aggregates your learning experience into one space to make it easy for you to complete your induction. The learning process is broken up into reading, quizzes, and email tasks that are presented in a logical order.

SugarLearning is a great continuous learning tool that shows employees where to find relevant information. It is especially useful when a process changes, as a learning item can be invalidated, and all employees informed to complete the revised task.

Completing the sugar learning modules gives each employee a better understanding of what is expected of them when working in the company from the first day.

What's what at SSW?

SugarLearning is an induction program for things you must complete before starting work... E.g. Before you do a Spec Review, you must have done the Module - Spec Review. It’s like getting your license.

The SSW Intranet is the location of all information, standards and "how-tos" that must be private. In some projects we have specific Wikis for those too.

SSW Rules is where we kept all information, standards and "how-tos" that can be public.

- Adam Cogan

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