Do you have the right attitude?

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Don't you hate people that have a negative spin on everything you do? Those people with a negative attitude are exactly the kind of people that we all try to avoid. So why would it be any different to people on the phone? If you're starting your sales efforts with a negative attitude then you're already behind the eight ball. Having a positive attitude makes a huge difference to your approach and the way you come across to your prospects.

Before any SSW sales staff make any telemarketing calls, as a company standard, the salesperson is to note down 3 reasons why the people they are calling are going to want to buy from us.

For example, if you're selling SSW Tech Breakfast here are some typical affirmation statements:

  • I've read evaluation forms of people that have attended our events and I know that people will benefit significantly from attending
  • I've investigated our competitors and I know we're offering a much better deal
  • Even if it wasn't a good event I'm a great sales person and I can sell ice to Eskimos!
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