Do you know how to integrate RayGun with VisualStudio/TFS?

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TFS/ is the source of truth for product development, so how do you get issues in RayGun into TFS? Thankfully there’s a built in integration that lets you do that.

  1. Under Integrations
  2. Select Visual Studio Team Services
  3. Connect to your TFS or instance

raygun integration tfs 1
Figure: Link RayGun with TFS/

Now under the crash report, you have to option to create a PBI and link it to the crash report.

raygun integration tfs 2
Figure: Create a new PBI or link to an existing PBI

Now you can see which RayGun create reports have already been added to the backlog.

raygun integration tfs 3
Figure: Link RayGun with TFS/

RayGun is a useful tool to use for your DevOps. Check out our rule “Do you know how DevOps fits in with Scrum?

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