Do you know how to use Ad Extensions on Google Ads?

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Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your business, like a phone number or a link to a specific page on your website, that we can add to your ads . Keep in mind that ad extensions can improve the visibility of your ads, which can lead to more clicks and improve your ROI. It’ll give the ad greater visibility/prominence, so you tend to get more value from your ad. These are the possibilities:

  • App extensions – downloading an app (when appropriate to your business)
  • Price extensions – price transparency on a showcase.
  • Location extensions – promoting locations (Google my Business)
  • Message extensions – offers a possibility of the viewer sending the company a Text/SMS (Although is not possible to track this conversion)
  • Call Extensions – provides the ad a phone number to make calls through mobiles.
  • Structured Snippets – provide advertisers 3 additional headlines of text to highlight key aspects of our business.
  • Promotion – coupons, deals, sales offerings.
  • Call out – Additional detail/an invitation to a call-to-action.
  • Sitelinks – Promoting links from your website you want to advertise!

google ad no ad extension
Figure: Bad Example – Ad doesn't have a clear message about either product or service, there’s no call extension even though it mentions "Call Now"

google ad extension
Figure: Good Example - Sitelinks and Call extensions on one of our mobile ads

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