Do you have an Inbox Zero team?

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Some employees receive more emails than others and often do not dedicate enough time to managing their inbox. It's important that inboxes are managed and cleaned with a goal of getting to 0.

We have some rules about how to manage your inbox

To mitigate this problem, organizations should have an Inbox Zero team. This team should follow Scrum.

✅ Benefits of an Inbox Zero Team

  • Accountability: Each member will join this teams Daily Scrum, this will ensure people stay focused on getting their inbox back to a manageable state
  • Prioritization: Sprint Reviews with the Product Owner will help people know what is important from their inbox
  • Collaboration: Team members can share best practices and tools for replying done and getting their inbox to 0

How do you determine who joins the team?

People should only join the team if they have 100+ emails.

To determine which people are in the team, create a report that tracks which employees have the most emails and make it someone's responsibility to check this once a week.

report mockup
Figure: Have the people with the biggest inboxes join the team first

Whenever someone changes team, their inbox should be checked to see if it's 100+.

When do people leave the team?

When they are in sync with the Product Owner and both agree all the important emails are done, they should join a standard Scrum team.

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