Do you know to keep your URLs clean?

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When you’re sending emails, or pinging someone in Teams, your URLs should be as clean as possible. Having no extra noise ensures that they are easy to read, and it is more aesthetically pleasing. It is also a good idea to break a line before an URL, improving its readability.

Note: URLs have become increasingly cluttered with the introduction of CampaignIDs (used to track customer activities and other information). When you're sharing the URLs, it is better to make them as clean and readable as possible... So, delete everything after the question mark (including the CampaignID suffix).

Figure: Bad example - Dirty URL with superfluous information

Figure: Good example – Clean URL on a new line is easy to read and looks much better


For presentations, it's especially important to keep URLs cleaner. Remember to always remove https://www. from links in your presentations. It keeps the slides cleaner and more readable.

ppt urls bad
Figure: Bad example - Showing unnecessary extra noise: "https://www."

ppt urls good
Figure: Good example - Clean links in a presentation

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