Do you link emails to the rule/template they follow?

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Having standards and email templates is great. It helps keep consistency, and the recipients know the format of the information they’re receiving and so can process it quickly.

It also saves time if another employee needs to send one of these out later, as they may not know the processes that go into its construction.

In order for other people to recognize emails following rules and standards, it's a good idea to include something like "<This email was sent as per XXX>" at the end of your email.

Even when the rule or standard doesn't include an actual email template, but you want to empathize you are following it, it is still valid to include that link at the bottom, so the other person can get easily get more information.

Figure: Good Example – the email links to the standard it follows

Tip: If you are following a rule in a presentation, website, software, or even a blog post comment, you should also include a reference to the rule.

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