Office environment - Do you supply your employees with a locker?

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It's important to provide a physical space for each employee to store their stuff and as a bonus they can also receive packages and mail. Lockers should:

  • Be clearly labelled with the staff members name
  • Ideally, should have a slot for mail
  • Ideally should be half-height so you can hang a shirt or a jacket
  • Encourage the goal of a clean desk policy
  • Encourage the chucking of paper - it should not be a place to keep all of your scraps of papers. Paper tends to get lost and should be transferred to tasks as 'To Myself' emails and then chuck. See Rules to better Email for more information.

drawer bad
Figure: Bad example - Having a drawer and a mailbox takes too much space (2 different locations) and larger packages won't fit

Figure: OK example - Stepped lockers are great as they allow jackets (however missing the mail hole

locker good
Figure: Good example - A locker with mail slot is ideal for both mail and packages

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